Plumbing & Gas Case Study Bedford 6062

HWS Maintenance and Repair (Gas Leak detection)

WA Assett are the hot water specialists in Bedford and the surrounding City of Bayswater area. Gas Storage systems are the most common Hot Water systems in Perth and are known for their low running costs and efficiency, utilising Natural Gas which Western Australia has in abundance.

The team at WA Assett where called to Len and Barbara’s home on Grand Promenade in Bedford. They complained of the smell of gas coming from their Hot Water system.

Being that there are many sources of potential leak sites on a Gas Storage Hot Water system the team needed to look at a few components. The most common cause of the smell of gas is due to the pilot light going out and unburnt gas escaping into the air. After removing the cover and checking the pilot light was still alight they removed the Thermocouple to ensure that it wasn’t faulty also. This part has a shelf life and is usually the cause of hot water system failure because the unit is unable to recognise the pilot light is on and shuts the gas valve automatically for safety. Once removed and given a clean the thermocouple was reinstalled, however the smell of gas still lingered.

With the aid of a gas leak detection kit the qualified plumbers and gasfitters at WA Assett where able to find the exact location of the leak and explained to Len and Barbara what had caused the issue, which was simply a faulty in-ground joint in the pipe work.

Barbara explained that she “Feared we where going to have to replace the whole Hot Water system, and we are so thankful that the lovely team at WA Assett, who arrived on time, where able to fix our Hot Water and get the Gas Storage system working again, thank you!”

WA Assett pride themselves on their honesty and reliability. The story of Barbara and Len is a common one, and without proper testing and explanation, some customers are paying for a lot of unused gas that is leaking from their system.

Images: The galvanised pipe with gas leak before replacement and repair Testing the gas meter box for potential gas leaks in Bedford Perth