Plumbing & Gas Case Study Embleton 6062

Emergency 24/7 Plumbing

Emergency 24/7 Plumbing in Perth, WA Assett will be there straight away, and ready to help.

There is nothing more worrying than seeing water dripping from your ceiling onto your living room floor, especially when you live in a two storey home in Embleton and there is no rain to cause it. This happened one night to Tom and June in their Drynan Street property.

As June was getting ready for bed and doing her final check of the doors and windows she stepped in a puddle of water on her living room floor. Not having any pets and being in the middle of Summer, June instantly knew that this was a plumbing issue. Turning on the lights, she discovered that the ceiling above the living room was wet and dripping water onto their newly laid carpet below. Directly above the living room was the newly renovated ensuite that had all taps and fixtures replaced and a new toilet.

WA Assett where called that evening at 10:45pm for an Emergency Plumbing Call Out. Arriving within the hour WA Assett’s 24/7 Emergency Plumbing team where on the job and quickly shut off the mains water to the property ensuring the leak would stop and there would be no more damage to their living room carpet or tiling in the ensuite.

Armed with a ultrasonic water leak detection kit WA Assett where able to find the exact location of the leak, which was coming from a Hot Water (copper) pipe underneath the floor of the ensuite. The team returned the next morning to remove the flooring to get access to and to replace the broken pipe. The length of copper pipe was then welded into place, once it settled the flooring and tiling was replaced by WA Assett’s qualified tradespeople leaving the ensuite in top condition.

“Not only did WA Assett get to our Emergency Plumbing problem straight away, they where friendly and professional in the way they carried out their work, not only did they fix the burst pipe in the ensuite bathroom, but they also even helped by drying the ceiling and the carpets below. The level of service from WA Assett was excellent and I highly recommend them for Emergency 24/7 Plumbing Repairs”

Images: Feeling the heat through the tiled floor in the ensuite Thermal Imaging camera showing hot water leak below tiles Broken copper pipe causing hot water leak in Embleton Perth