Plumbing & Gas Case Study Morley 6062

Whole House Water Filter

WA Assett Plumbing are the Whole House Water Filter Specialists! They can supply, install and maintain Water Filters in your home quickly and efficiently at a very competitive price. WA Assett use Cilit Water Filters because of their long life, ease of install and brilliant performance.

So when Dianne called the WA Assett office complaining of the taste of her water and concern over the pipework and plumbing surrounding her property on Crimea Street in Morley, the team was on-site the next day to test and tailor a solution for her and her small business that she runs from home.

With the high cost of fresh, pure water and the corrosion Diane could see on the copper pipe leading into her home business, she knew that not only was her water tasting bad from the tap, but it was also doing damage to her appliances. Her kettle had a build up of calcium and was in need of replacing, the tap mixer in the kitchen was becoming ‘sticky’ and her washing machine was in need of constant hard water removal and cleaning with harsh chemical products that would take days to flush through the system.

The honest and reliable team at WA Assett explained to Diane the benefits of the Whole House Water Filter and created test samples to show how the Filter removed all impurities from her homes water supply. Fresh, clean and clear water filtered by the Cilit Combination Water Filter was the best she had tasted and Diane knew that this would in turn reduce the scale, calcium and lime build up on her office and home appliances and whitegoods.

That day the Whole House Water Filter was installed and ready to supply fresh, filtered, pure water to every tap and outlet inside her home. Diane couldn’t have been happier. “Thank you WA Assett for taking the time to explain the benefits of Whole House Water Filters, I honestly believe it will save me money in the long run in cleaning products and bottled water and will also extend the life of my whitegoods and appliances. The best bit however is the taste of the water straight from the tap. Its beautiful! Thanks WA Assett Plumbing”

Click below to see the WA Assett team in action installing and testing a Cilit Whole House Combination Water Filter in Morley Perth.

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