Plmbing & Gas Case Study Mount Lawley 6050

Burst Pipe Repairs

Many factors can contribute to a burst water pipe in your home or business. Sometimes changes in temperature, old piping or recent digging or excavating near the pipework can cause faults and splits in your plumbing system, that will require immediate attention and could potentially waste water which you as the consumer will be charged for.

WA Assett specialise in burst pipe repairs, and have the tools and expertise to be able to fix any type of pipe leakage, splitting or cracking that is causing water loss. Sometimes not all leaks are seen as they can be below ground or in the slab of your home, however increases in your water bill, damp spots on your floor or ceiling or low water pressure could all be signs that you have an issue with a burst pipe somewhere on your property.

Jill and Sean from Mount Lawley live on Second Ave and noticed their water bill had risen significantly in the last cycle. No obvious signs of a burst pipe where able to be seen however they did notice their water pressure was slightly lower than before.

Jill is particularly conscious of water use and wanted to stop any wastage happening as soon as possible, claiming: “The environmentalist in me sent me searching for the cause of the high water bill, we hand water our plants and are always very conscious about having short showers and we even use the washing machine on its short cycle. So to see a water bill 30% higher than the previous bill had me worried, but I couldn’t find anything!” That afternoon Jill called the team at WA Assett Plumbing and booked a friendly tradesperson to come and look at the issue the next day.

After reviewing the properties plumbing system and inspecting the yard, WA Assett’s Plumbing team noticed some landscaping had been undertaken recently. When questioned on the timing of the new garden beds against the rear of the home, Sean exclaimed “I put them all in about a month ago...” The timing of this seemed to coincidental to ignore and the pipes below their new garden beds where inspected.

After digging a few feet under the surface the WA Assett plumbers found that the soil was very damp and eventually found the cause of the high water bill and low water pressure. The split was caused by a shovel nicking the copper pipe running into the home. Mains water was shut off, all the water was then drained from the pipes and the section of pipe was removed and a new section was replaced.

So before your burst pipe does further damage to your home, business or property, call the team at WA Assett Plumbing to inspect and fix your pipework immediately.

Images: Below ground burst pipe leaking water Burst pipe plumbing repair in Mount Lawley Perth