Plumbing & Gas Case Study Noranda 6062

Continuous Flow Hot Water System

Mrs. Anderson lives on Benara Road in Noranda and recently needed some help with her old Hot Water System. The unit has been in use for the last 15 years and was in some serious need of maintenance. A leaking gas pipe and faulty pilot light igniter required professional help from qualified gas fitters immediately. One call to WA Assett in the afternoon and a van arrived in her driveway that night fully ready to test the gas leak and repair the faulty pipework.

On closer inspection the team found numerous problems with the Gas storage Hot Water System. Including a faulty Thermocouple which couldn’t recognise the temperature of the tank and a thermostat that needed replacing because the dial had been lost and the temperature couldn’t be adjusted.

After discussing Mrs. Anderson’s options for repair and also how little the system was used the decision was made to install a brand new Thermann 26 Continuous Flow Hot Water System. This decision not only saved her money on the repair, but also saved money for many years to come as the 5 star energy rating dropped Mrs. Anderson’s gas bill significantly for the next quarter.

WA Assett trustworthy plumbers where also able to control the temperature output on the Continuous Flow System so Mrs. Anderson could be assured that she wouldn’t burn herself when showering or doing the dishes. She also then realised after the year was out that her water bill had actually decreased for the first time in 3 years.

“Magnificent service and WA Assett Plumbing actually saved me money in the long run! I was very surprised to see how much water and energy I could save by switching over my Hot Water System” said Mrs. Anderson after a follow up call 6 months after installation.

Image: Brand new Thermann 26 Continuous Flow Hot Water system install in Noranda