Plumbing & Gas Case Study Bayswater 6053

Jetter Services

Brandon and Emelia are located near the Bayswater Hotel just off Railway Parade in Bayswater. Trees from nearby Haliday Park had started dropping their leaves and clogging the nearby Stormwater drain that was beginning to overflow with recent rains that Perth had experienced. This was causing no end of trouble for their driveway and front yard.

One call to WA Assett and two professional plumbers arrived at the door within the hour. Armed with a camera inspection kit and High pressure Jetter, they where able to not only locate the exact position of the blockage, but where able to clear it away without digging any holes in the clients front lawn, and avoided the need to replace any pipe work.

“I couldn’t believe how quickly they arrived and how easily the job was done!” exclaimed Emelia. Brandon was more than impressed with the 4000PSI Jetter system that cleared a 10 inch blockage from the stormwater pipe. “That High pressure Jetter is a beast! I want one!” said Brandon.

With the money they saved on what they expected the blockage clearing to cost, they asked if the team could come back in a few weeks and High Pressure clean their driveway and service their Gas Storage Hot Water System. Once again, as promised WA Assett arrived, tools in hand to complete the job on-time and professionally.

WA Assett’s camera inspection kit and High pressure Jetter:

Image left: WA Assett’s Plumbing Inspection Camera in action in Bayswater
Image right: 4000PSI Jetter blasting through clay pipe removing pipe blockage and debris in Bayswater Perth