Don't Shower in the Cold When all You Need is a Hot Water System Repair

When the hot water system fails in a home, it can be very irritating when someone's not able to take a hot shower. Not to mention, household duties such as washing dishes or laundry will be delayed. When the system breaks down, a hot water system repair needs to be performed as quickly as possible. Purchasing a quality hot water system like Rheem, Apricus or Rinnai can help to ensure lower energy costs and enough hot water to use in a home. Hot water is important in a home and proper maintenance is necessary to extend the life of the hot water system.

How Do I Know My Hot Water System is Failing?

When you're considering water heater installation the number of people in the home should be taken into consideration. Although a smaller tank may cost less money to purchase, it won't deliver the amount of hot water needed for a family of four. Purchasing a larger tank could result in heating water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that doesn't get used. When a hot water tank is starting to fail, one of the first signs that will occur is that there will not be enough hot water to complete a shower or bath. This could be a sign of a faulty heating element in the system. If the hot water tank is leaking water, the whole system will need replacing.

How do I Choose a Hot Water System that Suits My Needs and Saves me Money?

Choosing a new hot water system may depend on the type of services available at your home. What do we mean by services? A service is gas, electricity and in some cases solar power. It is generally more affordable to replace your hot water system with one that is of the same type as your previous. For example, if you have an electric hot water system, it is cheaper to replace it with another electric system. However, electrical hot water systems are not the most efficient systems for larger households. You may want to look at the costs of having natural gas connected to your home, and take advantage of the long term savings and reduced running costs. In most cases, you will recover the initial expense of installing the gas system, with the ongoing savings. If you're interested in gas hot water systems, a high-efficiency water heater can save a homeowner hundreds of dollars in energy costs compared to an electric hot water heater. A gas water heater should never be installed by anyone other than a trained licensed plumber. There are important gas fittings and ventilation that must be connected to the tank to eliminate the chance for carbon monoxide entering a home. Electric hot water heaters do not require the same amount of ventilation as gas does.

There is a third option available, which is considering solar hot water systems that utilise natural resources to provide hot water. This is by far the most efficient, in terms of cost per litre of heated water, and in addition to saving money on your water heating, solar heating is a clean energy choice. In addition, the West Australian government offer government rebates for installing solar hot water systems, but please check with your local government website for further information and terms and conditions for apply for government grants.

Although it may be cheaper to purchase a brand that is not a leader in the market, it will not deliver the same energy savings. It's important to work with a plumber to determine the right size you need for your home that will also fit into you budget. Don't try to fix your hot water heater problems yourself, when a plumber can quickly diagnose the problem and give you hot water quickly.